International Benchmark Test (IBT)

The International Benchmark Tests (IBT) is an internationally administered program of assessments in English, Mathematics and Science which benchmarks student performance against a broad, international cohort of students and in which benchmarks student performance against students in other countries around the world who participate in the IBT program.

The IBT provides a comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability in English, Mathematics and Science and provides individual, school, and international analyses and comparisons. It is available for students in classes 3 to 10 in English and Mathematics and Science.

Test dates in Malaysia as follows (please contact us or your school for registration)

How are the Tests Developed?

The IBT is one of many high-quality educational assessments developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world leader in assessment and reporting. It provides high quality feedback for teachers and students and allows them to compare their performance reliably with students from their own school, country and other countries around the world. Highly experienced test developers at ACER develop the IBT content based on a broad conception of curriculum used in a number of international assessment contexts. No single, national curriculum is used for the IBT, so students from a range of countries participating in the tests can be compared fairly.

For more information, go to IBT by ACER

Benefits for Schools and Teachers

The IBT is an international standard assessment program which provides schools with quality data and reporting to help it accurately measure student performance, identify areas of strength and weakness, and monitor the effectiveness of school programs.

For more information, go to IBT-Information-for-Schools 

Benefits for Students and Parents

Students undertaking the IBT receive individual reports that pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses on specific skills and concepts related to their class level, and compare their performance to other students in their own school, country and in other countries. Parents will be able to observe their child’s performance and progress through an independent, comprehensive and internationally accepted assessment tool.

For more information, go to  IBT-Information-for-Students-Parents

What Tests are Available? 

Tests are available in three subject areas at a range of class levels. Students may undertake one, two or three subject at their class level.

For more information, go to IBT-Tests

If parents and teachers would like to enable their students and children to practice the IBT, go to IBT-Sample-Tests Papers 

What Reports are Provided?

The IBT provides a range of quality reporting to schools and students that analyze individual student performance and compare student and school performance against national and international benchmarks.

For more information, go to IBT-Reports-Certificates-for-Students 

What International Comparisons are Available?

The International Benchmark Tests helps students and schools benchmark their performance in Mathematics, Science and English against students in their own school,in their country and in a range of others countries from around the world.

For more information, go to IBT-International-Comparisons

About Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

The IBT is developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world leader in assessment and reporting.

ACER was established in 1930 as a not-for-profit organisation, independent of government. ACER has more than 300 staff located in offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Dubai and New Delhi. 

ACER is an international research leader in the dynamic world of education.  Among its many international projects, ACER has been instrumental in the implementation, management and reporting of large-scale surveys such as the OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) which assesses the reading, mathematics and science skills of students in more than 70 countries. ACER also administers the Australian component of studies conducted by the IEA, for example the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). 

The IBT in Malaysia 

The IBT in Malaysia is fully licensed to ET Education Services Sdn Bhd which has been dealing with assessments of school children for over 23 years.  ET is also involved in student counseling, career counseling and placement for those wanting to study overseas. Please contact us for any queries on conducting the IBT in your location/school. 

How to Take the IBT Tests? 

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Terms & Conditions

1. Applications for Participation. All applications for participation shall be made on the prescribed application form. The application form shall be submitted to the organizers or their representatives accompanied by the required FULL payment. The submission of the application form shall deem to be confirmation of participation and acceptance of the terms of contract. The organizers shall reserve the right to accept or refuse any application without reasons thereof.  

2. Changes. The Management reserves the right to change/cancel the test dates, under these circumstances a full refund will be due to participants via the participating schools/representatives.

3. Deadline. The Management reserves the right to decline any submission of applications after the deadline of 8th August 2014.

4. Postponement. Should exceptional circumstances demand, the Management may postpone the test date and alternative test dates will be advised to participants accordingly.

5. Refund. The Management shall not be liable for any loss sustained by the participating schools directly or indirectly attributable to the cancellation, suspension or reduction of scheduled test from the period advertised or specified. (Only a refund on test fees will be provided via its agents and representatives)

6. Supplementary Clauses. Whenever necessary, the Management shall have the right to issue supplementary regulations in addition to those in the terms of contract to ensure smooth management of the test. Any addition written regulations/instructions shall form part of the terms of contract.