Financial Information

Although studying abroad is beneficial, it does comes with a certain price tag. Between tuition fees, books, and living expenses, international students need to think about how they will pay for their study abroad experience. However, the cost should never deter any student who wishes to enhance their knowledge by studying in abroad. The key is to understand what financial aid options are available to international students.


Affording The Dream of Studying Abroad

Applying for financial aid can be somewhat more difficult for international students, but it is possible as long as these students know where to look. Students with demonstrable financial needs can often receive some form of financial assistance form their home governments to help subsidise a study abroad experience. In this way, students should first see if they qualify for this type of subsidised international financial aid, which is usually offered to students with fewer strings attached than other types of aid. It is important to make sure that the university of interest is eligible for this type of study abroad financial aid, since not all foreign universities may be approved for international financial aid.

The information below may help you find scholarship opportunities. You will need to research your funding options or contact us. Scholarships for international studies are limited and very competitive, so make other plans to fund your studies as well. You will need to apply early in most cases.

Below are some resources and websites that may help you.

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