Institution Partnership

We provide profesional services to worldwide international institutions whoever wish to explore the educational market in Malaysia. Mindful of the varying needs of schools, colleges and universities, ET Education Services provides three categories of services to satisfy their requirements.


1. Basic Services

These services are available to our education providers at no charge:- 

  • Listing of institution and basic information on ET website.
  • Advice on local market.
  • Display of client materials in ET resource networks.
  • Announcement of intending visits on ET website


2. Additional Services

These services can be carried out on a project basis or ongoing as a retainer (negotiated on a fee-for-service basis). We will help you to:-

  • Advertise in the local papers, advising you on rates, size, costing, format, artwork and placement.
  • Organise roadshows, exhibitions, seminars and interviews. We can either arrange this jointly for a few schools or individually.
  • Participate in local exhibitions on your behalf.
  • Administer your own assessment test to students.
  • Organise visits to your institution for prospective parents and students.
  • Enhance your alumni networking. When you come to Malaysia and would like to meet up with past students and parents, we can be your local contact for responses.


3. Customized Options

These services are undertaken on a project basis (negotiated on a fee-for-service basis):- 

  • Establishment and management of alumni chapters.
  • Offshore translation, printing, mailing and distribution of printed materials.
  • Promotion of scholarship opportunities.
  • Establishment and management of Malaysian branches