Testing Services

ET Education  is an appointed testing center for some of the well-known international tests, this inlcudes:-

Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS)

International Benchmark Test (IBT)


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1. Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS)

The AEAS Assessment is the only set of tests specifically developed or selected for international Primary and Secondary school students wishing to study in Australia.

Nature of Test

  • English Language Proficiency 2 hours
  • Mathematical Reasoning Ability 30-45 minutes
  • Non-Verbal General Ability 30 minutes approximately

Students are encouraged to complete an AEAS Assessment prior to applying to an Australian School. The AEAS Assessment Report will significantly assist students’ applications to first class Australian Schools.

Designed For Australian Schools Standard

The AEAS Assessment is widely accepted by schools throughout Australia. These schools rely on the Test Results (Assessment Report) to provide information about the student that is independent of the students’ school reports. This assists the school when deciding to accept the students’ application.

For more details, please read on the AEAS detailed page.


2. The International Benchmark Test (IBT)

The IBT program provides a comprehensive assessment of student performance and ability in English, Mathematics and Science and provides school, regional and international comparisons. It is available in English and Mathematics for classes 3 to 10 and in Science for classes 3 to 10.

Nature of Test

English : Reading Comprehension; Spelling; Punctuation; Grammar; and Vocabulary

Mathematics : Number; Measurement; Space; and Chance and Data.

Science : Earth Science; Physical Science and Life

IBT Provides Quality Assessments

  • The IBT is a high-quality, internationally administered test of student performance developed by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), a world leader in assessment and reporting.
  • It benchmarks student performance against a broad, international cohort of students in which more than 50 countries participate.
  • Comprehensive reporting is provided for teachers and students allowing comparisons with their own school, country and other countries around the world.
  • Test questions are based on reasoning and thinking skills in each subject area rather than knowledge of particular curriculum content.
  • Certificates of achievements and participation are awarded to students.

For more details, please read on the IBT detailed page.