AnnouncementsPosted on 02 March 2017
Which Top British Schools Suits My Child?


ET Education Services represent a full list of schools in the United Kingdom in various location like London, Wales to Scotland.

Some of the top UK schools are Concord College, Epsom College, Cardiff Sixth Form College, Oxford International College, Oundle School, Chelthenham College, Eastbourne College, Fettes School, Ruthin School and many more.

We specialise in selecting the best independent boarding schools for your child.

Your child needs and interests are most important to us!

Our role is to assist parents to choose the best boarding schools in England for their child.

Best of all, our consultancy is FREE of charge!

All we ask from you is to just enrolled your child through us at any one of the selected school.

Academic Scholarship

With the rising of the British Pounds, scholarship awards for your child will have a two-pronged benefits to you.

First and most important is, an academic recognition for your child as a scholar and secondly, savings in tuition fees for parents.

Consult us and we will share what is available for you. 


School Visits

 It is advisable for families to visit the schools. We can arrange for such school visits for families with schools.


Summer School

Summer Schools is a great way for any child to have a taster-experience in a British school enviroment.  A great way to have a taste of British education in the United Kingdom.

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We help to make your school selection experience easier for you and your child !


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