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Short Interview with CATS Alumni Maliq Bushati

When did you study at CATS?
I was a CATS student from September 2011 – June 2013

What University did you study at? 
I studied BSc Economics at The University of Manchester in 2016

What did you study at CATS and why?
After getting the advice off my personal tutor and the head of the Mathmatics department, I chose to study Mathematics, Italian, Economics and Physics. Not all subjects are the same, or regarded in the same way by university Admission Officers. My choice was tailored to make me a strong candidate for Economics - my target undergraduate degree discipline. Mathematics is also a must for anyone looking to work in financial services and more specifically, in an investment bank. 

What did you enjoy about CATS?
The integration process was very smooth, the community was tight-knit, and you wont really miss home much. I lived in Varsity House. That place is built to make your life easier so you can fully focus on getting things done. The facilities were very good then and are even better now. Tutors were friendly and eager to help you understand the subject matter.

What new things did you learn about yourself at CATS?
I learned that I enjoyed myself in an international environment. 

What advice would you give to the students studying at CATS now?
Remind yourself daily why you are doing what you are doing and how this contributes towards your longer term goals. University choice and time spent there will impact the rest of your life. Maximise the return on your investment by excelling academically and look for job shadowing or A level insight programmes big firms offer. These schemes help you identify the career paths you might like and how to get into it. Get in touch with CATS alumni who are at the university you want to be in, or have graduated from there and get their advice.

What would you say to a student who is thinking of coming to CATS?
Align your A level course choices with the degree discipline you want to pursue and career area you want to be in, in the future. Also, aim for full marks in each exam. There is no good reason why you cannot achieve that, or high 90s. CATS is going to be a very international experience in a thought-leading city, so cultivate intellectual curiosity to take advantage of it. Two years pass too quickly.

Top three tips on studying at CATS!
  • Most employers will require at least 320 UCAS points at A levels, so get more than that. 
  • Find ways to get involved in the society beyond academics. For example, do the Duke of Edinburgh program, cultivate your talents and get inspired by the great speaker series that the school and local universities organise.
  • Foster good relationships with academic staff and classmates that will last beyond the time spent at CATS. Eventually, you will understand that “people skills” is the A level you wished you could take, but wasn’t available.

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This article is an extract from CATS Education's Blog dated Wednesday, 22 February 2017


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