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E.T. Education Services Sdn Bhd or just ET was established in 1987.

Throughout our 37 years, ET is one of the oldest agencies in Malaysia and is renowned as a specialist centre for counselling students and families. We counsel students with a focus based on their academic performance, aptitudes, personality and special interest, while guiding and advising them on various options and academic pathways for them to achieve their educational objectives.

Today ET is part of Edu Circle Group - an education group with a plethora of products and services for the education sector.

Our Services

Education and Counselling Services
Education and career counselling
Enrolment Application Services
Enrolment application (placement)
Assessment and Testing Center
Assessment and testing center
Visa application assistance and on-going support
Visa application assistance and on-going support

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We will guide you with our step-by-step proven system

Identify your unique abilities and strengths.
Take a personality test to identify your unique abilities and strengths.

Founder Matthew Gan

Mr. Matthew Gan

Head Counsellor Sue Ann

Ms. Sue Ann

Counsellor Wan Ping

Ms. Wan Ping

Counsellor Nisha

Ms. Nisha

Counsellor Ann Marie

Ms. Ann Marie

Over 250 career types listed.
Get a copy of our career chart during the debrief

Our counsellors will be able to create a bespoke education plan for you based on your academic results, financial budgets, ambition/destination and goals.

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Bespoke Education Plans

Get a free bespoke education plan

We take into account your education transcripts, career choice, subjects and courses and financial budget to come up with a plan that works for you!

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Eunoia CX

EUNOIA CX focuses on human resource development and planning, regional business consulting, and job placement, providing personalized solutions to individuals and organizations.

We offer pathways for students to further excel in their passion and dream fields. Our programs support academic pursuits and promote successful career development. Our mission is to simplify and clear routes to success within the educational ecosystem fostering organization sustainability and growth.

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